Mark Levinson is a photographer living near Boston, Massachusetts.  His work has been exhibited in juried shows, including ones at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Massachusetts and Mass College of Art annual Spring auctions. 

He has photographed extensively for the Sudbury Valley Trustees, a Massachusetts land conservation organization.   Many of his landscape photographs of SVT properties have appeared on their web site and in their publications, and have been important aids to their conservation efforts.  

He studied photography at M.I.T. in the 1970’s and more recently at the Griffin Museum of Photography.  He is a member of the Griffin Museum of Photography and is a former member of the board of directors of the Bedford, Massachusetts Center for the Arts Photo Group.

Artist’s Statement

I love to search out odd and curious fragments of everyday surroundings that normally go unnoticed, and use them to make photographs. 

My early career was in physics, where light and symmetry were important means to understand the world.  Now, I instinctively use light, symmetry, and spatial order to construct my images.   I try to crystallize transient bits of the world in front of my lens into images that reveal an underlying harmony, and try to do so before they dissipate in a few moments of time or a few steps of movement. 

When successful, these images resonate with a kind of tension.  They feel vaguely familiar to me, but unexpected.   They seem to me unusual, enigmatic, or somehow just a little off-kilter.  They contain abstractions or unexpected alignments; an air of irony, mystery, or loneliness; a sense of nostalgia for half-remembered or imagined times past.  

Missing Pieces